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Holidays in Kefalonia
.... do you have quality accommodation in Kefalonia you wish to rent?

A property in Greece


Income Opportunity are planning to expand their holiday rental business into other parts of the island, we are especially interested in the Assos, Sami and Fiscardo areas, but would look at top quality accommodation anywhere on the island.

Absentee Landlords

If you are away from the island during the holiday season it is essential you have a property maintenance system in place to ensure the villa(s) are maintained, cleaned and prepared to our high standards for every guest. If you do not have this facility we can assist in finding the right people to provide this for you. To this end if you are a property owner and wish to earn an income from your property please
contact us for more details.  It is important you be aware we will inspect every potential villa or apartment and may make suggestions for alterations prior to accepting the villa or apartment onto our books. This can involve some expense!

Bookings calendars

We are aware you may have your property advertised elsewhere. Whilst we do not insist on exclusive rights to rent your property, we are very aware of the possibility of a double booking through poor communication. It happens...... only not to us! We therefore insist that we hold the bookings calendar for any property on our inventory, however with every booking we take we will update you immediately with the latest updated bookings calendar, and if you accept a booking from any other source you must inform us of that booking as soon as possible and we will update the calendar and forward a new copy to you.